vajrasana |yoga for increasing the blood circulation | Benefits of Vajrasana | How to do |

vajrasana |yoga for  increasing the blood circulation | Benefits of Vajrasana | How to do |

vajrasana |yoga for increasing the blood circulation | Benefits of Vajrasana | How to do |

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step to do vajrasana :
Sit on the floor on a tangle or specifically on the ground.
Overlay your legs and sit in such a way such, to the point that your heel touches your butt.
Put your hands on your lap precisely as appeared in the figure above. You may give your palms a chance to confront the sky also.
Hold the sitting stance for two minutes (to begin with). You will feel a stinging agony in your feet in the event that you are not habituated to sitting along these lines. You can extend your legs and rest for some time and begin once more.
Try not to surrender. Sit for at least two minutes. You ought to build the minutes after some time. It is even conceivable to sit on Vajrasana posture for 60 minutes.
Benefits of Vajrasana:
It helps in absorption.
Sitting in this posture helps in decrease of the hips.
It helps in disposing of clogging.
It battles stomach issue.
A couple of minutes of Vajrasana and you can feel the mind quieting. In this way helps you in unwinding.
It helps in expanding the blood dissemination in the body.
Yoga dependably helps in weight reduction. So does vajrasana!
Vajrasana is the posture in which numerous asans are finished. Some of them have been named in the start of this article.
It helps in curing urinary issue.
It helps in making the lower body adaptable.
It likewise helps in battling causticity.
It helps in strengthening the sexual organs.
It helps in conditioning of body muscles like the hips, thighs and the calf muscles.
It helps in curing different body afflictions like vericose veins and joint torments.
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