Two Points Behind Your Knees Might Improve Your Life

Two Points Behind Your Knees Might Improve Your Life

How to relieve stress quickly? Life’s tough: You have bills to pay, people to take care of, and plenty of aches and pains. Is there any relief in sight? Of course, there is! Thanks to acupressure, you can get relief for the common stresses that wreak havoc on the body. Learn about 8 acupressure points that can be manipulated to turn your day around completely!

But remember, it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you. If anything feels painful at all, stop doing it right away and seek the help of a professional reflexologist or acupuncturist!

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Arthritis and joint pain 0:32
Tension headaches 1:32
Neck pain 2:34
A general upset stomach 3:30
Menstrual cramps 4:29
Trouble sleeping 5:25
Lumbar spine pain 6:36
The sniffles 7:35

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– The back of your knees could provide immediate relief for joint pain and muscle spasms. This acupressure point is found behind both of your knees, right in the center where they bend.
– While there are a couple of acupressure points that can help relieve tension headaches, one of the easier ones to find is on your hand. You can find this acupressure point in the fleshy part of your hand between your thumb and index finger.
– Whatever the reason is, neck pain is common and can really ruin your day. One way to relieve tension in your neck is by activating the point referred to as the Zhong Zu point (or TE3).
– To relieve diarrhea, constipation, and general upsets, you can activate the acupressure point known as the Grandfather-Grandson.
– If you suffer from menstrual cramps but don’t like taking tons of painkillers, perhaps acupressure can give you some much-needed relief! You can find this point about 2 finger-widths below the navel.
– The Shimien point, when manipulated correctly, can do wonders if you suffer from insomnia. You can locate this acupressure point by finding the soft spot at the front of your heel underneath your foot.
– To relieve lumbar pain, you can stimulate the Urinary Bladder 62 point, also known as the Extending Vessel. You can find this point by locating the fleshy depression just outside your ankle bone.
– The Lung 7 acupressure point is known to treat symptoms of the common cold, and it can be found just below your wrist.

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