These 7 Exercises Can Make Your Knee Arthritis Go Away

These 7 Exercises Can Make Your Knee Arthritis Go Away

One form of Arthritis called osteoarthritis results in the breakdown of hard tissue that covers bone endings. Another type, which is an auto-immune disorder is called Rheumatoid arthritis. To help you fight this form of arthritis with ease and boost your knee joint’s flexibility, bestie brings you 7 easy-to-do exercises.

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Number 1: Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch – 0:57
Number 2: Knee to Chest Stretch – 1:51
Number 3: Leg Raise – 3:13
Number 4: Side Leg Raise – 4:10
Number 5: Leg Cross – 5:16
Number 6: Elliptical training – 6:05
Number 7: Swimming – 6:35


Number 1: Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch
With a full range of motion in your joint, this pick will strengthen the knee supporting muscles. Strong muscles, in turn, will increase your knee’s shock-absorbing ability. Being a low-impact gentle exercise, it will increase the flexibility of your arthritic joint without overburdening it.

Number 2: Knee to Chest Stretch
With the sedentary lifestyle most of us have, it’s important to give those back muscles a stretch too. A knee to chest stretch is a wonderful way to work the lower back muscles which are often the neglected ones. It also helps in reducing stiffness which is associated with spinal arthritis.

Number 3: Leg Raise
The leg raise is a basic exercise with a not-so-basic benefit as it strengthens your quadriceps. These are large muscles can be found on the fronts of your thighs. They attach to your knee joints and provide you with stability, strength and balance.

Number 4: Side Leg Raise
A side leg raise is very particular with the kind of muscles it targets. Muscles responsible for activities like walking, balancing and lifting are grouped together as adductor muscles. By working out these muscles, side leg raises can give you relief from arthritis pain in the knee along with increasing the joint flexibility.

For more details about these exercises and the rest of the list, watch the video until the very end.

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