Talk to Your Doctor About Joint Pain – Patients

Talk to Your Doctor About Joint Pain – Patients

A Working Group, composed of representatives from arthritis patient-led and patient-focused organizations, in close consultation with scientific and clinical experts in osteoarthritis, has developed the Talk to Your Doctor About Joint Pain Handout, a complementary version of the original Osteoarthritis Tool for Family Physicians.

The Talk to Your Doctor About Joint Pain Handout has been designed to:
1) Assist those with or at risk of OA, in having better conversations with their doctors or other health care professionals, by informing them about the care they can expect to receive.
Good communication between patients and doctors is very important in reaching an accurate diagnosis and building effective treatment plans.
2) Help patients identify the causes of their joint pain and loss of mobility.
3) Inform them of the basics of primary prevention strategies and self-care methods.
4) Improve patients’ quality of life through the successful implementation and adoption of this Handout.

We encourage you to share it with staff members, local stakeholders and other clinicians, and colleagues.
– Post to your website: News Release and the Talk to Your Doctor About Joint Pain Handout
– Post to Facebook using the hashtag #JointPainTalk
– Post to Twitter using the hashtag #JointPainTalk
– Promote this initiative among your professional networks, such as LinkedIn, using the hashtag #JointPainTalk
– Share your feedback and impressions via social media posts, email and other communication channels on using the Handout and how it is helping you with self-care and self-advocacy, as well;
– Send your comments or contact Lina Gazizova if you need any further details or require additional materials.

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