Scissors (2nd of 5 Deep Water Exercises for Pregnant Women)

Scissors (2nd of 5 Deep Water Exercises for Pregnant Women)

As a woman enter her third trimester, often the aches increase, fatigue sets in and let’s face it – you’re wondering “how much longer?”

As you near your delivery date, your joints loosen and balance becomes more difficult. It is important to maintain your exercise regime so that your baby gains the proper amount of weight and you’re in the best possible shape for labor and delivery. Lack of exercise can lead to increased back pain and sciatica issues.
Although high impact activities such as running, jumping, lifting weights, even sit ups may cause stress and strain to your body, doing these and exercises in the water provide a low impact alternative to the exercises you used to do on land. Continuing abdominal and back exercises is important to help with postural changes and stability.

Women who exercise in the water enjoy many health benefits. Along with a cardiovascular exercise, water increases your circulation and decreases edema and swelling. Energy as well as your overall mood will also improve.

As long as you are not at risk of early labor, exercise is encouraged. If you are changing your fitness program, it is advised to check with your healthcare provider before starting new activities. Safety is most important. Please remember to bring a water bottle to the pool and stay hydrated and go at a pace the feels comfortable to you.

Get immediate medical advice if you experience any of the following signs:
• Bleeding or spotting
• Vaginal leak
• Dizziness
• Shortness of breath
• Uterine contractions
• Pain of any kind, especially chest or abdominal
• Persistent nausea and vomiting
• Sudden swelling of hands, face and and/or feet

Here’s a series of five (5) low impact deep water exercises designed to increase your heart rate without fear of overheating or putting you or your baby at risk of injury. These exercises focus on your hips, lower back and core strengthening and stretching.
Before entering the pool, grab a noodle and head to the deeper water. Once you get in the water place the noodle behind you bringing the ends under your arms and let your body hang in a vertical position finding your center of gravity.

1st of 5 Deep Water Exercises for Pregnant Women: Scissors

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