Raw Vegan Reduces Menopause Symptoms

Raw Vegan Reduces Menopause Symptoms

I have substantially reduced my Menopause symptoms with a Raw Vegan Diet and a couple natural supplements!

Generally between the ages of 45-55, women experience the following menopause symptoms with the peak of most symptoms occurring between the ages of 48-52 (I’m currently 50):
Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Vaginal Dryness
Memory Loss
Brain Fog
Weight Gain
Muscle Tension
Breast Pain
Joint Pain
Irregular Heart Beats including PVC’s (Pre-Ventricular Contractions) which can cause shortness of breath and chest pain

Over the years I have included some cooked vegan food in my diet for brief periods of time. Every time I do, all of the above symptoms get way worse! When I go back to eating a Raw Vegan diet (high fruit, low fat), my symptoms either completely disappear or are very minor.

With this in mind, these are my top 5 tips for reducing and possibly eliminating the above perimenopause and menopausal symptoms:

1) Eat a Raw Vegan Diet (High Fruit/Low Fat) – the more cooked food I added, the worse my symptoms became

2) Eat 3 Meals a day. Yes, I know Intermittent Fasting and eating one or two meals a day is big in the raw food world. If you are a woman going through menopause and are experiencing shortness of breath and/or chest pain, I have found that by eating 3 meals a day (spreading the volume of my food over 3 meals instead of 1 or 5), puts less pressure on my vagus nerve and causes less chest pain and shortness of breath.

3) Maintain a healthy body weight. (16-20% Body Fat)

4) For vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse, we have found that Astroglide (water based) really helps!

5) Supplements: I’m not a huge supplement person. I take B12 (1000 mcg) daily because I’m a raw vegan. Most cooked food has B12 added so I just take mine separately. For irregular heart beats I started taking Magnesium Glycinate (200mg) 5 days ago… Within 2 days, the chest pain and shortness of breath I’ve been struggling with for the past 8 months almost completely disappeared!


I also read that by incorporating these guidelines, women can reduce and possibly eliminate Menopausal symptoms:

1) Breathing Exercises: 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out

2) Yoga and Meditation

3) Rooibos Tea (naturally decaffeinated) – Drink 1 cup before bed

4) Avoid or eliminate Caffeine & Alcohol! This was as big as eating raw vegan! Once I eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and started eating 100% raw vegan, my night sweats, hot flashes and insomnia completely disappeared.

I’m going to add here that these suggestions are all based on my personal experience. I’m not a doctor and this video and description are not medical advice.

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