Psoriasis Cure. 11 Common Triggers That Cause Psoriasis | Autoimmune disease

Psoriasis Cure. 11 Common Triggers That Cause Psoriasis | Autoimmune disease

Psoriasis Cure. 11 Common Triggers That Cause Psoriasis | autoimmune disease
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11 Common Triggers That Cause Psoriasis Flare.
For most people with Psoriasis, symptoms come and go over time.
Many factors can trigger psoriasis flares, including the common ones like weather and stress.
People with psoriasis often have periods of time with few or only mild symptoms.
They are also likely to have periods of time with more psoriasis symptoms, and these are known as flares.
Psoriasis is different for everyone.
One person may find that temperature triggers a psoriasis flare.
For others, the temperature may not affect their symptoms, but stress may cause a flare.
Psoriasis is an Auto-immune condition, so it’s very important to keep your health and immune system as strong as possible.
In this video you will learn 11 common triggers that, may contribute to overloading your immune system and thus bringing on Psoriasis flares.

There is evidence to suggest that certain factors can trigger flares in many people, including:
injury to the skin, stress, medication, infection, etc…
Some triggers are due to a person’s overall health.

Triggering psoriasis flares.

1. Stress.
Stress can come in many forms, but ultimately it’s either mental or physical stress.
Life’s pressures can cause mental stress and injury can cause physical stress, but both, will cause a physical reaction inside your body that compromises your immune system.
2. Medication.
Doctors have linked certain medications to psoriasis flares.
If those medications affect the immune system in any way, then I would not be taking them.

3. Infection.
A person may experience a psoriasis flare 2 to 6 weeks after they have had an infection.
Infections affect the immune system, and what causes psoriasis is closely linked to the immune system.

4. Injury.
Psoriasis is more likely to affect skin that a person has injured.
Such injuries could include, cuts, bruises, or scratches etc.
Quickly treating the injury can speed up healing and possibly avoid a psoriasis flare.

5. Smoking.
Smoking is harmful to a person’s overall health, and tobacco can cause a psoriasis flare.
Smoking is just BAD for your health in general.
Stop smoking if you want to improve your health and immune system.

6. Alcohol.
Alcohol is basically a poison to your body.
It has certain appeal to a lot of people but, alcohol will have an adverse reaction to people who suffer from Psoriasis.
Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is likely to help a person manage their psoriasis symptoms.

7. Weight gain.
Recent research by the National Psoriasis Foundation looked at the link between psoriasis and diet.
The key finding was that people who have psoriasis and are overweight, are likely to be more at risk of severe symptoms.
The recommendation was that a person who is overweight, should reduce the number of calories in their diet so that they lose weight.
This should improve symptoms of psoriasis over time.

8. Diet.
The foods that people eat may influence their psoriasis symptoms.
According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, studies suggest that some people with psoriasis notice improvements after cutting out alcohol, gluten, and nightshade vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant.
People in the study also found, that adding vegetables and vitamin D improved their symptoms, and some maintained that following a vegetarian, vegan, or Mediterranean diet could help.

9. Hormonal changes.
A 2013 study suggests that changes in hormone levels in females, may cause psoriasis symptoms.
Psoriasis flares tend to occur at times when the levels of certain hormones are low, such as during puberty, menopause, and after giving birth.
Psoriasis symptoms may improve during pregnancy when some hormone levels are higher.

10. Weather.
Some people find that certain types of weather or changes in temperature can trigger their psoriasis.
Some suspect that their psoriasis flares may link to, a drop-in humidity and temperature.
Protecting skin from cold or dry weather, and using a humidifier in the home, may help to reduce flares.

11. Tattoos and piercings.
Psoriasis may develop on the skin shortly after someone gets a tattoo or piercing, because of the injury done to the skin.
A person with psoriasis should choose to avoid getting tattoos or piercings.

So, there you have it!

11 Common triggers that may affect your Psoriasis flare-ups.

Like any condition, having your body in balance is crucial to avoiding long term conditions such as Psoriasis.

There are many treatments recommended to stop the pain of Psoriasis, but I would recommend taking a holistic route.

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