Pilates For Hip Pain Program Relief( Step by Step Instruction Follow Along)

Pilates For Hip Pain Program Relief( Step by Step Instruction Follow Along)

Hello Pilates Lovers,
Are you having Hip pain with difficulty walking, prolonged sitting, standing and stair management due to clicking pain with cramps and nagging pain that is worst in the evening and upon getting up in the morning. It is has been proven gentle PIlates stretching and strengthening program, low impact to your joints help relieve the inflammation, pain and tightness on your muscles and we will target the gluteus Medius, rectus femoris which is part of your knee and hip, pectineus which is in your hip groin area, obturator internus which is the external rotator of your hip as well as a pelvic floor muscle.

I will show gentle exercises to warm up then slowly build up to strengthen and i will end the program to cool down on a gentle stretching program

It is a step by step program that you could follow along and join me to a an easy breezy workout !
The exercises are safe to perform at home, with your mat or on your bed to help strengthen your core and relieve some back pain discomfort. One of the basic rule of Pilates is to make sure to have the Fundamentals . And that is to engage core muscles by performing deep breathing exercise . How do you engage your core? Through proper deep breathing, when you inhale through your nose, you pull your navel in, then slowly exhale through your mouth, keeping you spine in neutral by checking it with your hand at the small of your back without pressing on your hand. While slowly exhaling through the mouth , you squeeze your buttocks and then lastly you imagine not to pee in order to engage your bladder and pelvic floor muscles (kegel’s exercise). Perform at least 10 breaths with engagement of core muscles in order to prevent back injuries and in order to strengthen your deep spinal muscles while keeping your back in neutral position. if you the breaths slowly and move your legs slowly , it is safe for seniors, elderly and anyone with injury , joint pain, back pains and eventually Will Help strengthen your spinal muscles. Engaging the core by performing deep breathing is crucial on each motion of your leg, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, bladder, diaphragm and the transverse abdominis (a circular muscle that wraps around from the abdomen all the way around your back).
Here are the gentle exercises to start that will not hurt your back.
1. Vacuuming, or core engagement:
2. single knee to chest – with one knee at a time alternating and at end range gentle oscillate hip to flexion
3 double knee to chest- lifting your buttocks of your mat, bring both knees to chest
4. Butterfly stretch: with knees bent separate knees apart and gently stretch at end range
5 Bridging: slowly lift glutes off the mat squeeze glutes tight slowly lower glutes down the mat
6 Clam shell, with knee slightly bend slowly lift upper knee up separating knee but keeping feet together .Clam shell progress internal and external rotation with feet apart.
7. Obturator Internus: with the leg behind in a knee bend position stabilizing the pelvis pushing with your foot, then the lower leg in 90 degrees hip and knee position , keeping knee stable on the mat then gently lifting foot up from the mat.
8. SIde to side wtretch with mild hip extension
9. Side leg lift towards extension then slowly lowering with knee down the mat with heel up
10 prone with double knees bent, lying on your stomach, slowly separate feet apart
11. child pose, while on hands and knees, slowly sit on your heels
12 frog pose, separate knees apart while slowly lowering glutes to our heels, getnle stretch on inner thigh
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Annie Pilates Physical therapist , recommend you consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. The exercises give here are not meant to treat, diagnose medical condition. Please stop if you have any increasing pain or discomfort. You understand that any physical activity can pose a risk and this channel you assume all risk and injury, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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