Pedaling Away Knee Pain? // Links in Text

Pedaling Away Knee Pain? // Links in Text

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I suffer knee pain from time-to-time. I’m not sure if I’ve been getting relief from Collagen, but I’ve been feeling better after hard Rides. I have been taking more days off lately but that’s coming to an end, I feel better with more regular Aerobic exercise. I was totally energized today and I’ve been riding 3 days in a row, today was a “rest” day.

We’ve discussed the importance of Bicycle Fit and Rest in the past. My favorite saying is “The Tour de France is won in bed”. Bicycling,com has a great article about the importance of Fit and other elements,
My advice has consistently been to consult a Bicycle Professional for a Fit-up. That person should be trained to see things we typically don’t.

Assuming our Bikes are “dialed in” and we’re still experiencing knee pain some people such as myself found some relief with Collagen and an occasional Ibuprofen. Glucosamine with Chondroitin is a popular but I can’t report benefits. Glucosamine with Chondroitin has received mixed opinions from Harvard Medical;

Copious Vegetable Fruit Juice Cocktail is beneficial as well as a low sugar diet. We’ll discuss specific Juices that can help Arthritic Symptoms in the future. These are longer-term therapies for later Chapters. We’ve found that people with starchy diets also suffer higher arthritic symptoms;

The Mayo Clinic is optimistic. We can help our knees by Cycling! We already knew cycling helps reverse aging, improves mood and envigerates us. We discussed some of these benefits in the “Interval Training” Video. Cycling can benefit us even when we are taking it easy, some rides should be dedicated to a lower Cadence and an easier route. Madrid is pretty hilly so that’s difficult but some days are just for fun. More importantly to escape local “noise”. The Mayo Clinic has great suggestions for Cyclists.

I hope this is useful. There are about 100 flavors of Arthritis. If over-the-counter therapy and Diet isn’t beneficial I advised seeing a Physician.

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