Multiple Sclerosis can hurt! Pain Syndromes in MS

Multiple Sclerosis can hurt! Pain Syndromes in MS

When Dr. B went to medical school he was taught that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) didn’t cause pain. His professor was WRONG! Multiple Sclerosis can cause several different Kinds of Pain.

MS is sometimes called an “invisible illness” because many of its symptoms are not visible to others looking you. One example of an invisible symptoms is pain!

MS is associated with several different types of pain. Optic Neuritis is associated with pain during eye movements. Trigeminal Neuralgia and atypical facial pain syndrome can occur. Lhermittes phenomenon involved “electric shocks” down your body when you flex your neck forward, painful skin sensations can include a host of symptoms such as burning, freezing, electric, crushing, squeezing, itching and more. Spasticity from MS can cause painful spasms and cramps. Walking problems from MS change our gait mechanics and This can lead to joint and muscle related pains.

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