Knee Replacement Recovery Exercises 2019: Easy Core, Upper Body and Leg Work

Knee Replacement Recovery Exercises 2019: Easy Core, Upper Body and Leg Work

Knee Replacement Recovery Exercises 2019 Easy Core, Upper Body and Leg Work

You want to move as much as you can after knee surgery. Even if you are in between one of your three daily sessions on the X10™ Knee Rehabilitation Machine, you want to keep active. One quick and easy rehabilitation practice that you can do for many months after knee surgery is a set of chair exercises. It is really amazing what you can accomplish while seated.

Bicep Curl (10 reps): This will keep your arms strong
Punch Forward (10 reps): Count out loud when you do this
Crossing Midline (10 reps): Keeps your brain coordinating both sides of your body
Ankle Pumps (10-20 reps): Lower body exercise, helps prevent blood clots
Knee Straightening (10 on each side): Alternate between right and left; promotes blood flow
Marching (10-20 reps): Helps keep the hip lubricated, try not to lean back
Leg Open and Close (10-20 reps): Helps the lateral movements of your hip, chest up, stomach tight

We want to make sure that we maximize all the exercise time we can while sitting in a chair. You can do upper body exercises. You’re going to sit up tall and bicep curl, bend your hand to your shoulders and do 10 of those. This will help keep your arms strong.

And if you count out loud, you will not be holding your breath ‘cause you can’t count and hold your breath. So if you’re a breath holder, count out loud.

The next exercise you’ll do is punch forward both arms together, punching and again, count out loud if you need to, but do 10 of these. The next exercise sitting, your chair is crossing midline so you punch across. This helps keep your brain coordinating both sides of your body.

Again, chest up, stomach tight, big happy smile, perfect. And do 10 of these. The next series of exercises in your chair after you complete your upper body is we go to your lower body. Let’s start with the ankles point in. Flex the toes. We did do the cold ankle pumps and you do tell her these, these keep the ankles moving and lubricate the joints of the ankle. Also helps blood flow and prevent blood clots from forming. These are great to do while sitting in the chair before or after doing your X10 but also when you’re just watching TV and do 10 to 20 of these, chest up, stomach tight, big happy smile. Next exercise sitting in the chair is knee straightening. Try to extend your knee as much as you can.

Alternate between right and left. Why alternating? We also encourage the other leg too to have good blood flow as well. Both your surgical and nodular surgical leg.

About 10 on each side. These are good to keep the knee lubricated and keep the blood flow in the legs going again. Can Be done before or after your x 10 session. And also while you’re just sitting around watching TV after 10 of these, now start marching. You’re gonna clear that foot from the floor. And again, this is to help keep the hip lubricated again with this chest up, stomach tight, big happy, smile and March. Get those knees up as high as possible. Try not to lean back while doing them, and again, do 10 to 20 of these. These will help promote blood flow and prevent blood clots in your legs and keep you moving.
The final exercise for your chair exercise lower body strengthening is opening. Closing your legs, just sitting in a chair. You’re just going to move your legs open and close and do 10 of these. These are actually to help the lateral movements of your head. And again, everything’s to help promote active motion, prevent blood clots and keep you lubricated. And as always, chest up, stomach tight and big, happy smile.

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