Joint Pain in the Index Middle & Thumb Finger Playing Guitar: 5 ways to get relief

Joint Pain in the Index Middle & Thumb Finger Playing Guitar: 5 ways to get relief

Joint Pain in the Index, Middle & Thumb Finger Playing Guitar: In
this video, you will discover 5 natural ways to ease finger pain
from playing guitar

As we age our bodies gradually get weaker or less stronger when

attempting to do physical things or routines, especially things we

are not used to doing.

For instance, we may wake up in the morning doing our daily
routine, gardening or tidying up our garage only to wake up the next

morning after a night rest with pains all over our joint and body that

lasts for several days or perhaps a week.

During our adolescent, teenage or youth days, it’s much easier to

get up from bed the next morning after a hard day at school or

work with lesser pains.

But as we age, the pains are much quicker to come around but

takes longer leave our body

This also happens when you just get started, learning how to play

guitar. even if you are a beginner of any age, pains in the fingers,

hands or wrist is a likely occurrence.

so, how can you ease or get relief from these pains

Here are 5 ways you can ease this pain

1. Use a hand exercise device: it helps to strengthen the muscles of the hand which in turn helps to ease the pain when playing guitar

2. Use a finger exercise device or tool as well: its primarily used

for fingers workout. its meant for guitarist and can be gotten from

music stores

3. Use a dumbbell with low weight: You can use it to exercise your

arms to increase muscle strength.

4. keep playing the guitar but don’t overdo it: Although the pains

and discomfort you are having on your hands, fingers, wrist, arms or the elbow may be as a result of your playing the guitar.

This pain is normal if you are just starting, so you need to keep

playing to get used to it but don’t overdo it.

5. Use a slide: if your arthritis is at an advanced stage, you may

use a slide when playing the guitar. A slide is a piece of an object

made of either metal or glass that fits on the finger.

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