How to activate the glutes – the most overlooked thing you MUST do

How to activate the glutes – the most overlooked thing you MUST do

Having trouble activating your glutes? Tried dozens of different glute activation exercises and nothing seems to work?

In this video, Vincent shares a trick you MUST know in order for ANY glute exercise to work properly. If you’re someone who can already turn your glutes on, then you’re already able to do this, whether you know it or not. If you’re NOT already able to do this (and thus can’t activate your glutes), we’re going to teach you how in this video.

The secret is you have to be able to brace your spine with your abs. If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to use your abs to brace your spine properly, then you will never be able to turn your glutes on because every time you try, your lower back muscles will turn on harder in place of your glutes.

“But I’ve tried every ab exercise and I still can’t feel my abs and/or I keep feeling my lower back,” you say? Not to worry. In this video, we’re breaking down ab control to the absolute most basic strength/coordination exercise to regain control of your abs and spine. Unless you have really strange specific flexibility issues, this progression of exercises will work for EVERYONE to help brace the spine so you can then TURN ON THE GLUTES.

The exercises in this video are also especially useful for those with excessive anterior pelvic tilt, as it strengthens and coordinates the muscles that help pull you back into a more posteriorly tilted / neutral pelvis.

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