How I Fixed My Knee Pain from Deadlifting: A Case Study

How I Fixed My Knee Pain from Deadlifting: A Case Study

Get knee pain from the deadlift? Learn how Vincent fixed his knee pain from deadlifting with a few simple training tweaks.



In this video, Vincent discusses a case of debilitating knee pain he had from deadlifting and how he learned how to fix it. If you have knee pain from the deadlift or knee pain from working out, this video will help you learn how to troubleshoot your own knee pain problems.

Taking note of the circumstances around his knee injury and using his understanding of joint functions, he was able to identify the root source of his knee pain from the deadlift. From there, he had a good idea of the movement compensations he needed to fix and what stretches and exercises to use to get his knee to feel better.

Simply put, the knee is a hinge joint.

It is meant to bend back and forth. It can rotate a tiny bit. It can bow in and bow out a tiny bit (adduction and abduction). But for the most part, when repeatedly lifting heavy things like in the deadlift, it’s just supposed to hinge.







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