Hormone Yoga Therapy with Shakti | Complete Class | Balance your Hormones and improve your Vitality

Hormone Yoga Therapy with Shakti |  Complete Class | Balance your Hormones and improve your Vitality

For Hormone Yoga Trainings with Shakti check out:
www.yoga-vidya.de/speyer in Germany
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www.sivanandapeetham.org in India
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hormonyogatraining.de – Online Training

Hormone Yoga developed by Dinah Rodrigues is a combination of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga combined with special pranayamas, prana channelizing techniques and anti-stress exercises, to support and heal the glandular system. Both men and women suffer from increasing imbalances in the endocrine system due to the high demands of everyday life. They are treated almost exclusively with hormone replacement therapy by western medicine, which can have numerous side effects, as well as it deprives the hormone system of the capability to find back to balance on its own.

Nowadays almost every woman has PMS-problems and the natural cylces in a woman’s life have no recognition as something wonderful and natural, that we should live in tune with for it’s harmonious functioning. The pressure of society drives a men and women to function on the same level everyday. Then later, the transition into midlife and menopause becomes the next stressful event in life and the social demand for eternal youth and beauty do the rest. Even in India doctors complain that there is a growing number of men at the age of 35-45 years who are suffering from typical symptoms of testosterone deficiency, such as fatigue, sleep disorder, erectile dysfunction or depressive moods, often due to chronic stress.

Hormone Yoga (HY) uses the body’s own self-healing and regulatory power to balance physical, mental, spiritual and energetic imbalances connected with the endocrine system. Also for men hormone yoga is well suited to bring vigor and vitality to the whole system, especially the hormonal glands. In young women HY is suitable to alleviate PMS symptoms or increase the chances for pregnancy. From age 35 HY is ideally suited as a preventive tool, to vitalize the hormonal system and in menopause, it relieves much of the unpleasant side effects (hot flashes, insomnia, migraine, depression, joint pain, dry mucous membranes, long bleeding etc.). HY also helps to recognize the spiritual potential in times of change in life.