François Chopart and the Chopart joint

François Chopart and the Chopart joint

Learn more about François Chopart, the famous French surgeon, after whom the Chopart joint is named. In this brief medical history video, I show you who Chopart was, what he did, and what he and Dr. House have in common.
Born in Paris, he stayed there most of the time. He got sick and never fully recovered and therefore spend more time reading scientific publications. He was an award-winning author and obviously knew his stuff.

The famous Chopart joint is named after him, because he performed an amputation at this joint in a young male patient with some kind of tumor of the forefoot. Interestingly, he only performed this surgery once in his whole life, and it is still named after him, well done! It was one of his students who described this surgical technique in a book published some years later.


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