Exercise To Prevent Sagging Of Breasts In Pregnancy

Exercise To Prevent Sagging Of Breasts In Pregnancy

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Great prenatal exercise for preventing sagging of breasts!

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Arm Rotations:

During pregnancy women usually focus on their lower body only and end up loosing muscles & strength in the upper body. This exercise focuses on developing and maintaining upper body strength.


• Strengthens shoulders and arms
• Works on the chest region
• Prevents sagging of breasts

Exercise Technique:

1.Start with warm-up
2.Take a non-slip mat and stand with your feet hip width apart.
3.Remember to keep your knees soft to avoid putting strain on your joints
4.Hold a dumbbell in one hand and allow that hand to fall to your side
5.You can keep the other hand behind the back for stability
6.Make a complete circle in the clockwise direction with the arm holding the dumbbell.
7.Repeat it 8 times.
8.Make a complete circle in the anti-clockwise direction with the same arm.
9.Repeat it 8 times.
10.Repeat the steps with the other arm too.

Use light weights and avoid weight bands

Warning signs:

• Dizziness
• Shortness of breath
• Pain in the vagina, groin, or pelvis
• Abdominal discomfort
• Leakage or bleeding from the vagina
• Exceptional fetal activity


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