Detoxification | It Takes Guts to Be Happy! | J. Loggins Get Conscious Now! | July, 2015

Detoxification | It Takes Guts to Be Happy! | J. Loggins Get Conscious Now! | July, 2015


Julia Loggins speaks about body cleansing and detoxification on Get Conscious Now; as she introduces her new Workbook, It Takes Guts to Be Happy! which you can purchase at

Julia Loggins’ Journey to Wellness with Body Cleansing and Detoxification

Julia Loggins, Author of Dare to Detoxify! and It Takes Guts to Be Happy! was born “allergic to the twentieth century.” She has worked in the regenerative medicine field and been in practice for 35 years in Santa Barbara, California.

When Julia was young, she was not expected to live past her teens. Her body’s reactions to environmental pollutants, toxic foods, and household chemicals gave her life-threatening asthma by the time she was only 5.. Five years later, at the age of 10, she, was enduring migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, colitis, and diverticulitis. She survived three near-death situations due to anaphylactic shock from overuse of steroids.

A progressive medical doctor, Dr. Robert Pottenger, saved her life. Dr. Pottenger’s family researched and discovered a relationship between allergies and environmental sensitivities. He prescribed Julia a wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, all-organic detox diet.

Body Cleansing & Detoxification
Very much like the 21-Day Detox Diet outlined and taught in Julia’s book, It Takes Guts to Be Happy! the diet Dr. Pottenger gave Julia helped her to detox and she began to get well. It didn’t happen overnight. Years of pharmaceutical drugs had compromised her intestines and stomach, clogged her colon, and backed up the lymphatic system. But detoxification and body cleansing had helped me like nothing else and there was no turning back Julia Loggins began to study different healing modalities and discovered Dr. Ann Wigmore’s work, who had brought wheatgrass and living foods to the United States.

Emotional & Mental Detoxification

Julia studied the work of Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ernest Pecci, MD, who created the Hoffman Process. The Hoffman Process is a program designed to reveal family patterns that can cause illness, low self-esteem, and limitations. The first step of physical detoxification is critical. However, emotional detoxification may also be necessary for complete healing. Learning the Hoffman Process, Julia learned how integral healing the mind is to heal the body!

Natural Healing Can Be Yours, too!

Taking Charge of Your Own Healing
When I began writing my new book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! I asked one of my clients who had healed a life-threatening illness with my program to write her story. Her healing process was so emotional, so moving and powerful, that I knew I wanted more stories like hers included in my book. So I asked 11 other clients to share in their own words, what their journey was like, and where they are now.

The resounding common denominator in all of these stories is that people healed themselves with their own two hands. Yes, many called on a Higher Power for faith and love. They all welcomed not only my support but the support of an excellent team. But even with experts and angels cheering them on, they took charge of their own healing. No one else could “fix” them.

As my clients healed, it wasn’t just their bodies that became whole again. They discovered that they could do anything. They healed low-self-esteem. They healed emotional paralysis and depression. They confronted feelings of anger, grief, frustration, and resentment when they surfaced.

Body cleansing and detoxification

Whether you start this 21-day program with a serious illness, or with an intention to lose pounds, you will gain more than a flat belly and a stronger immune system. You will earn a huge sense of accomplishment. The next thing you choose to tackle will be easier. The next surprise life gives you will feel manageable. And that may be the most important thing we can do for our health and happiness … to earn self-respect; to know, without a doubt, that when the going gets tough, we are tougher.

One of my clients, Laura arrived at my office using a walker. Her doctors told her she would never walk again on her own. Through inspired discipline, determination, and applying the principles of my program, today she is not only walking but Laura is running! Laura found her power and she owns it. No one gave it to her, she took it. And this is my intention for you.