Bone – Joint – Arthritis Pain Relief Technique, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Bone – Joint – Arthritis Pain Relief Technique, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

** What is joint pain ?

The parts of body where body parts meets together like knee, shoulder, elbow is named as joint.
Stiffness, swelling like problem is the main reason of joint pain.
Joint pain is the common problem.
Arthritisis the main reason of pain in joint.
There are various other reasons are also for causing joint pain like injury in ligament cartilage or tendose.
Joint is the main part of body, due to which the walking, sitting like body movement can be possible.

** Symbol of joint pain **

(1) Pain during walking ,standing & also during sleeping.
(2) Swelling or pain.
(3) Joint lock during walking.
(4) Tightness of joint especially in morning.
(5) Westing or fasciculation.
(6) Hardness in joints.
(7) Weakness in joints.

** When & how joint pain occurs ?

Joint pain, knee pain is the mainly reason of having arthritis .
The uric acid is responsible for causing arthritis.
The level of uric acid starts rising in the body & accumulate in knee & other joints.
MOstly this pain is unbearable.
In arthritis disease the pain starts increasing during night time.
If you have pain in knee, so take proper consultaion of doctor.
And if there are the symptoms of arthritis then instantly do chek up, otherwise it also damages the knee.

As the age increases , there are some reasons of joint pain like –

(1) Inappropriate supply of blood in bones.
(2) Lake of minerals in knee.
(3) High pressure on knee.
(4) infection in knee.
(5) Injury or sprain in knee.
(6) Arthritis
(7) Osteo – chodretis.
(8) Rubbing of cartilage.

** Mainly joint pain occurs more at the age of 50.
But as per todays lifestyle, now it found in the age of 30-35.
If you wanna get rid of from joint pain then take proper treatment of it.

So today I tell you some tips which helps you in treatment of joint pain.
Mostly weakness in muscles is also the reason for joint pain.
So you have to keep your muscles strong by including protein, calcium & vitamin in your diet.

(1) Salmen fish :-
This fish is the high source of omega 3 fatty acid.
It helps in swelling of joint pain.
It helps in swelling of joint pain.

(2) Berries :-
Strawberry or blue berry decreases the joint pain.
The antioxidant that is bioflebonite present in it helps in reducing pain & gives relief.

(3) Vegetables :-
If the level of omega-3 fatty acid gets unbalanced then it causes joint pain.
so to maintain it consume green vegetables.
Example :- Broccoli, onion , ginger etc.
and avoid carbohydrate containing food like pasta, brade, fry items, junk food.

(4) Orange juice :-
In research it is found that vitamin- C provide strength to our bones because weak bones is the reason for causing joint pain.
So daily consume orange juice which is good for both bones & skin .
To get relief from joint pain include calcium prone food like paneer , milk, yogurt in your diet.

(5) Aloevera juice:-
Add 7 tsp of aloevera juice in lukewarm water & consume it.
It strengthen our bones.
It is very beneficial home remedy.

** By doing regular massaage, you get relief in joint pain.
As the season changes especially in winter there is unbearable pain in joints.
Due to massage therapy we get relief in joint pain & we feel ralax which improces blood circulation & keep us away from irritation.
For massage, use warm coconut oil or olive or musturd or garlic oil.
And apply on affected area.
So it provide relief in joit pain.

(1) Take fresh leaf of warm musturd oil & add 3-4 buds of garlic in it.
Then apply this oil on the painful area & massage it, which is also beneficial in joint pain.

** To take care of joint do proper & regular exercise :-

(1) Be active:-
To be away from the joint pain keep yourself active.
Try to do movement of joints.
Do be in one position for long time because it causes joint stiffness.

Hot & cold therapy is very beneficial in joint pain.
Hot therapy improves blood circulation .
The cold therapy helps in swelling & prick.

(2) Stretching :-
To get relief in knee pain do muscle stretching.
This exercise is beneficial in knee pain.

(3) Step-up:-
Step -up is one of the type of cardio exercise.
This exercise increases heart beaf, which provides energy to body.
In this exercise, don’t bend your knee.
Keep it straight step-up is very beneficial for knee.

(4) Leg Rais:-
This exercise provide strenght to
quadriceps , which cures strain at thigh & knee muscles.

(5) Cycling & swiming:-
This keeps our cartilage safe & decreases the risk factor in joints pain.

** The most important thing is that,
Lake of water level is also the reason for weakning of bones, & starts paining .
So daily consume 8-10 glass of water which keeps your bones healthy.

So frinds if you loose your weight & try to maintain the lifestyle, also take healthy diet, do daily exercise .
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