Best SI Joint Release

Best SI Joint Release

Best SI joint release – Mondays with Margot
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SI joint pain can be frustrating and elusive. These joints are deep, and wrapped in thick fascia; when they hurt, it can be a dull ache to a sharp throb. In today’s exercise, Kristen Carrington demonstrates a simple technique to release and gently mobilize these oh so critical joints.

– Lie on your back. Take two toning balls and place them under your pelvis. Slide one under the right “dimple” at the base of your lower back; slide the other under the centre of your left buttock.
– Bend your right knee slightly toward your chest and place your right hand on the knee.
– Stir the thighbone around in the hip socket in a circular motion while keeping pelvis level.
– Lower your foot to the floor and slide the balls out from under your pelvis.
– Ideally, your pelvis feels more settled on the floor.

Do 6-10 leg circles in either direction; then switch legs.

Pay attention to how your SI joint feels while you circle your leg. If there is any discomfort, stop mobilizing the joint, and stabilize it instead. The easiest way to do this is with a simple neutral bridge exercise.

NOTE: You can do this exercise without balls. Lie on your back, bring one leg slightly toward your chest, and circle it as shown in the video.

Mondays with Margot from Body Harmonics Pilates in Toronto.

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