Back Pain When Pregnant | Pregnancy Acupuncture

Back Pain When Pregnant | Pregnancy Acupuncture

Back Pain When Pregnant

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy back pain is a condition that many mothers will experience throughout the duration of their pregnancy. In fact, reports state that anywhere from fifty to seventy percent of mother’s will experience back pain when pregnant. Having said that, pregnant women are constantly tasked with the trial of finding some way to find back pain relief. Common search terms include: “ Back pain when pregnan t”, “ Low back pain relief ”, “ back pain during pregnancy ”, “prenatal yoga”, and “ pregnant physical therapy ” – all of which are searched by pregnant mothers in hope of finding some form home back pain relief.

As different forms of holistic medicine arise, more and more mothers turn to this form a treatment as a way to alleviate their back pain. A particular form of holistic medicine, acupuncture, is becoming more and more popular among pregnant women. The recent popularity of acupuncture among has helped to coin the term “pregnancy acupuncture”.

“ Pregnancy acupuncture ” is an ancient Chinese healing art, that involves a practitioner sticking multitude of needles in various pressure points of a pregnant woman’s body. This is said to help reallow one’s “qi”, or spiritual energy, to flow freely throughout one’s body. Whilst pregnancy acupuncture is considered a spiritual form of healing, there is also scientific evidence that supports acupuncture during pregnancy. “Micro Injury Theory is also a basis behind acupuncture and it describes the anti-inflammatory effect that is produced when the tiny needles are inserted into points along the acupuncture meridian. In various studies, and abundance of patients who had undergone acupunctural treatment had come out with positive results. These results include the relief of pregnancy back pain.

In the video above, Dr. Andrew Kingoff discusses how acupuncture while pregnant can be beneficial to a variety of pregnant woman. He discusses how the Cozy Bump, has helped to solve the challenge of providing acupunctural treatment to pregnant women.
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