Are Leg Cramps Normal During Pregnancy?

Are Leg Cramps Normal During Pregnancy?

Are leg cramps normal during pregnancy?

Cramps in the groin are from ligaments strained by the growing uterus. In general, leg cramps are more likely due to the extra weight.

It’s only twenty or thirty pounds.

It isn’t just the added weight. It is also the lower center of gravity and the strain on your back.

I’m not walking around with my hands on my back so I can lug around the baby belly.

But if you have to walk around with your back arched back and legs waddling, that’ll strain your leg muscles.

What can I do about the leg cramps?

Eat bananas, fruit and other potassium and magnesium rich foods to lower the risk of cramps. Don’t sit with your legs crossed.

Only during yoga.

Don’t try yoga positions that strain your legs. Stretch the leg muscles and take short walks throughout the day, shifting position regularly.

Given how often I have to go to the bathroom, that’s a given.

Take long hot baths to ease muscle strain.

That’s a good thing to do after a long day at work anyway.

Are you wearing formal clothes for work?

I have to dress professionally for my job.

I mean, are you wearing heels?

Not nearly as high as I used to.

Wearing heels makes you walk on your tip toes, butt and shoulders arched to counter-balance. Wearing heels at all during pregnancy will stress your legs far more than heels already do.

Well, heels clearly don’t keep you from getting pregnant.

That’s a stupid myth teens tell each other, along with the idea that acting like a player makes you respectable and that everyone has sex on prom night. Ditch the heels and get comfortable shoes.

And that will solve the leg cramps.

Or at least reduce the odds of them occurring. Though in a few months, you’ll face some major cramps.

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