6 Months Pregnant – How Is The Baby Developing 1

6 Months Pregnant – How Is The Baby Developing 1

How Is The Baby Developing

At the beginning of the second half of pregnancy, the weight of the baby is about 0.66 pounds. It gains 0.02 pounds of weight per day now.
The length of the body is more than 10 inches now, the length of the hand – 0.8 inches.
The baby grows prettier; the formation of subcutaneous fat begins.
The nails are almost completely formed. The bones and joints become stronger.
In the 23rd week growing in length gives place to gaining weight.
The face becomes marked, eyebrows and eyelashes are clearly visible.
The neck becomes longer.
The passive immunity is formed due to immunoglobulins coming through the placenta of the mother.
The baby swallows amniotic fluid – the substances contained in it serve as nutrition for the growing organism.
The intestines contain meconium (rudimentary excrements).
Sometimes the little thing hiccups.
The formation of two sections of the brain – the middle section and cerebellum – comes to the end. By the end of the sixth month, the brain weighs about 0.2 pounds. The convolutions of the brain become visible, they continue improving and deepening.
From time to time the baby sleeps and dreams. During its wake, it likes to listen what’s going on in its mother’s organism and the outside world.
The liver is functioning and storing up glycogen; the red bone marrow and the spleen are occupied with hemopoiesis (production of blood); digestive system and kidneys are working. Only the lungs remain underdeveloped.
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