5 Vitamins to Heal Joint Pain – 5 Critical Natural Nutrients to Help Joint Pain and Function Now

5 Vitamins to Heal Joint Pain – 5 Critical Natural Nutrients to Help Joint Pain and Function Now



Vitamin D is actually more like a hormone than a “vitamin”. One study says 41% of people are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is a huge inflammation blocker. It is logical then that its deficiency is implicated in so many problems from heart disease, Azheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases. We can get it from the sun and from some foods. Ideally get 20 minutes of direct sun daily.

Vitamin D is in whole foods – eggs, organ meats, marrow, oysters.

I advise supplementation with vitamin D. I like oil based Vitamin D supplements and recommend about 5-10k ius per day depending on labs, sun exposure and other factors. 2-5kiu per day is a great idea for most healthy folks. One study showed good results with 3332 IUs per day.

Vitamin D, as part of this, is amazingly helpful for testosterone production in men and in proper estrogen balance in women.

Vitamin D regulates over 1,000 processes in your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well known and it is critical. It is probably the most researched supplement in the world – it’s safe and very effective.

It helps keep the immune system balanced, it cleans up the “rust” of the body (we call the oxidants – hence Vitamin C is an antioxidant), and it can help reduce proteins in the body that fan the flames of inflammation (one you may have heard of is C reactive Protein).

Vitamin C is so powerful because it helps the immune system work and balance WHILE helping to rebuild the tissues in your body – whether its your skin on the outside or the tendons, ligaments, and discs that hold you up its critical.

The SAD diet, emotional pressure and stress depletes and uses of vitamin C at a rapid rate (hence why you get sick when you are over stressed or why we are more prone to injury with stress or why injuries don’t heal properly). Vitamin C is awesome. Food sources are most fruits especially citrus and roots like yams, sweet potatoes. It is also very prevalent in organ meats and things like

I like whole food sources, so if you can get an acerola cherry derived ascorbic acid that’s preferable. Ester-C is better if the latter upsets your stomach.

A dose of about 2,000mg per day is ideal. Great food sources are organic fresh squeezed orange juice, pineapple, sweet potato, mangoes, and kiwi.

B vitamins There are a number of B vitamins. With inflammation and pain they are all important. Stress and poor diet ravage your B vitamin stores and you need all of them for energy, cell function, brain function, detoxification, immune function, and controlling inflammation. B6 and Folic acid are the most commonly talked about with regard to inflammation. Also, B12 is critical to have in the right amounts for managing inflammation. Great food sources are liver meats, red and meat (grass fed). B6 sources are bell pepper, shiitake,and maitake. Good choices for B9 include spinach, blueberries, and zucchini. We can produce our own B12 in our gut when its healthy. If we don’t have enough acid in our stomach – which requires B1, B6, and Zinc we will NOT absorb B12.

RCTs have used daily doses of 3 g of vitamin B3, 6,400 μg of vitamin B9 and 20 μg of vitamin B12.

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